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New, Natural Looking, Comfortable Dentures

Today, innovative techniques and advanced materials have made dentures far more comfortable and functional than before. And by visiting Dentures Direct, you’re putting yourself in the hands of highly qualified dental prosthetists who are the most experienced, knowledgeable health professionals when it comes to dentures.

No matter what type of denture you need, Dentures Direct can help you. We provide a comprehensive denture service and product range, including the following.


Complete dentures

When an individual is missing all of his or her teeth in either the lower or upper jaw, a complete denture is required. Complete dentures are designed and made to replicate the natural look and function of your missing teeth. Your dental prosthetist will aim to make the denture fit as close as possible to the surrounding gum tissue. A complete denture is easily removable and offers the patient a comfortable and functional solution.


Partial Dentures

If you have only one or several missing teeth, you may be recommended a partial denture. At Dentures Direct, we offer two types of partial dentures:

Acrylic Dentures

An acrylic partial denture is the most cost-effective. Generally speaking, they are recommended when remaining dentition is doubtful, or tooth loss is significant. Stainless steel wire clasps retain acrylic dentures. They are easy to repair and reline, and over time more teeth or acrylic can be added to the denture.

Chrome cobalt partial dentures

chrome-cobalt partial denture had a cast metal framework structure that is considered to be more comfortable for the wearer, as they are much thinner and stronger than conventional acrylic dentures. The cast metal framework also has the advantage that the remaining teeth support the framework and not the tissue. Therefore, there is less bone resorption (bone wasting away over time).


Immediate dentures

Prior to your teeth extraction, immediate dentures are made so that the dental professional can place something in your mouth straight away. Immediate dentures can be either partial or complete dentures. They will need to be relined from time to time as your gums and your slowly change over time due to bone resorption. The dental prosthetist will construct your immediate dentures in conjunction with your dentist and oral surgeon.


Implant retained overdentures

The invention of dental implants has made permanent dentures possible. By implanting a small titanium bolt in your jaw, an implant-supported (or implant-retained) denture can be screwed or cemented on top, providing you with a strong, secure and permanent denture.

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