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Emergency Denture Repairs Townsville

Chipped or broken your dentures? Need a denture clinic now?

If your denture is requiring emergency repair, we can repair them while you wait. Alternatively, just drop them off and enjoy the convenience of same-day pickup.

Contact Dentures Direct immediately


Denture relines & repairs: same-day service available

Denture Relines

Your gums and jawbone change shape over time, and consequently your dentures you will need to be adjusted to accommodate these changes. This service is known as a denture reline and can be performed as a same-day procedure, providing you see the prosthetist before 9:30 AM. You will have your relined denture back for insertion any time you choose after 3 PM.

Denture repairs

We offer same-day denture repairs, even if there’s no emergency! So if you’re denture is cracked or broken, call us immediately to arrange a time.

Generally speaking, dentures are made of strong materials and can withstand the pressure of bumps and knocks. However, from time to time, accidents happen, resulting in the denture being cracked or broken. Typically, this occurs when someone accidentally drops the denture on the bathroom floor, which is usually a hard, tiled surface.

Caution: if your denture becomes cracked or broken, do not try to repair it yourself. “Home repairs” are strictly not advisable, regardless of whether it is the clasp or the denture that is damaged.