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Implant Supported Overdentures


Dental Implants for dentures are a wonderful advancement in the denture world, giving patients the alternative of a far more secure and stable denture than conventional dentures.

By implanting a permanent small titanium screw in your jaw, unstable loose dentures become a thing of the past. These small screws and their attachments act on the same principle of a press stud. They also provide mechanical retention far more superior to the natural suction force of original dentures.

Benefits of permanent dentures

  •   Improve confidence and quality of life
  •   Aid in prevention of unnecessary bone loss
  •   No more loose dentures
  • Increased comfort, better fit and fewer sore spots
  • Greater biting force when eating
  •  Improve speech
  • ΓΌ Improve nutrition, eat a broader range of foods
  • Easy maintenance, no more denture adhesive



What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are small titanium screws that are inserted into your jawbone by a dentist or dental specialist. These little screws then act as an artificial tooth root. Once the screw is inserted, bone tissue will start to adhere to the screw and become a permanent fixture. This process is call osteointegration and takes no less than 3-4 months before the implant can withhold any forces.

Once the implant has fully integrated and is totally secure, your dentist or dental specialist will attach the rest of the components to the implant that will provide the mechanical retention for your denture.